Document Management System

Document Management System Software

DMS Purpose

Controlling access, sharing and securing information are critical issues facing the future success of 21st century organizations. The greatest challenge is developing comprehensive information management, an electronic document management system not only assist the information sharing but also is the key to disaster recovery. All Paper documents should be transformed into electronic documents to comply with disaster recovery plan, an organization must have.
offers a document management system designed to manage all manner of employee documents and files in a single, centralized location. It allows you to organize your files and documents within virtual folders (irrespective of where they reside on your hard drive).
It also offers variety of files to be stored including but not limited to portable document file (PDF), Word document file (doc), spreadsheets, images, Videos, Voice recording, emails etc, relating to each project or employee.

Document Management Features

  • Multiple backend supported,
  • Flexible Business rules,
  • 100% customizable,
  • Log Reports,
  • Strong Data Integrity and Security.

Document Management Benefits

  • Secure documents electronically, minimize loss due to damage,
  • Store reports, legal document, contracts, as well as account records and HR files in the case of a disaster,
  • Cost saving on data entry, filing and personnel management,
  • Shearing of information quickly and to several individuals at once,
  • Minimizes storage, retrieval and workflow management,
  • Reduction in volume of papers and need to photocopy,
  • Operational efficiencies (minimizes errors, quick retrieval time and is not labour intensive),
  • Increase Staff Productivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction,
  • With easy backup & restore.