Provident Fund Management System

iTEXPERT PF Management System

Provident Fund Purpose

Retirement Benefits Plans (Funds) are rich financial resources of the companies accumulated over the period of time to honor retirement liabilities of the employees of the companies.
Although administration of such funds rest with top tier management of companies, yet due to busy schedule of primary responsibilities of managers, such funds remain comparatively less attended or un-attended.
Realizing the need for timely and effective management of resources introduce a PF system, built on Oracle platform, a comprehensive application to manage funds in terms of contributions made by employees and employer.
To make the system work effectively and efficiently in a user friendly manner, PF is backed by the team of developers and analyst to support online and onsite.

Provident Fund Key Features

  • Comprehensive General Ledger of provident fund
  • PF register and PF schedule,
  • User friendly dynamic menu options,
  • Flexibility to integrate with third party General Ledger.

Provident Fund Reporting & Benefits

Meet your government and management reporting requirements including all quarter end and year end reports and forms.

  • A complete Provident Fund Management System with the ability to integrate with any payroll management system.
  • Various MIS reports related with investments, GL, member contribution & allocated Profit,
  • Data portability into Excel & PDF,
  • Complete PF history, and employee PF statement,
  • Summary of Income tax deducted,
  • Customizable management reporting,
  • With easy backup & restore.